AMERAFRICANs are the imported and aboriginal African diaspora of North, Central, and South America. These dark skinned people formerly called "colored" people, Latino, hispanic, negro, nigger, nigga, Black people, afro-american, and most recently, African-American have endured with pride despite a loss of native language, religion, and national identity. Recognizing the inherent negativity associated with the word "Black" the AMERAFRICAN Movement Project is committed to giving a true definition to the Black people and their history of slavery and immigration in the Americas today. The name, AMERAFRICAN was created by Mr. Christopher Cuben-Tatum, an AMERAFRICAN himself, in September 1999 as a true reflection of the primary national identity of being an American descendant of slaves due for reparations, yet balanced with the cultural and biological identity of having obvious Negroid or black African anthropology. The AMERAFRICAN flag, BOld Glory, was designed to acknowledge legitimate United States birthright; the generations of blood sacrificed for building the lands of America into the great country it has become; and the hopeful future of AMERAFRICANs as respected world citizens as espoused during Black History month by Martin Luther King Jr. and others Amerifircan greats.

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